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IF YOU LOVE TO SING (or share that love through teaching) there is a place at the A2Z Smart Music Academy.

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  • SINGERS of ALL AGES and LEVELS love us because we provide the HOW, WHAT and WHY. We help you understand how to apply the information TO YOUR VOICE. No mimicking, no singing like the teacher - FIND YOUR VOICE.
  • PARENTS and HOME SCHOOLERS love us because we help keep the cost of performing arts education affordable, while providing quality education.

    Music is the language of self-esteem. Learning to sing, and having confidence to perform in front of others with self-expression and enjoyment is the best gift you can give to a child. If you want to help your child find their voice, we are here to help.

    Qualifying home school organizations receive free 24/7 access to all A2Z Smart Music Academy facilities and training tools for their music teacher. Special support provided to home school teachers upon request, Student registration program required.
  • VOCAL COACHES and VOICE TEACHERS love us because we provide an organized and effective system. See your students making amazing progress in a matter of weeks!

    Like any subject, a curriculum puts the tools and responsibility of development into the hands of the singer. This means teachers can do their job more easily and efficiently...or more simply, BETTER.

    One of the largest challenges teachers face is getting students to follow assignments between classes. Our systems make it easy...and we are here for teachers. Need something that isn't included? Let us know. We work for you and will do our best to provide suggested system improvements.

    Qualifying teachers receive free 24/7 access to all A2Z Smart Music Academy facilities and training tools. When five students enroll - you get access free!
  • SCHOOLS love us because we provide full licenses for their computer labs and students to enhance their vocal education abilities. Now there is an educational training system for chorus that rivals and exceeds the band and orchestra.

    Programs and licenses available for all age levels, including elementary and college pedagogy. For consultation regarding our full school programs, please contact our help desk. We will assess your needs quickly and provide the most affordable program that meets your needs. Teacher support provided.
  • CHURCH MINISTRY MUSIC TEAMS love us because we help take their choirs and solo singers to a completely different level and we do it all at an affordable price. In fact, our effective training systems cost a small fraction of what hiring professionals for a one-day training seminar would cost.

    Qualifying Music Ministry Leaders receive free 24/7 access to all A2Z Smart Music Academy facilities and training tools. Please contact our help desk for consultation regarding your team needs.
  • TELEMARKETERS, SCHOOL TEACHERS and MINISTERS love us because we help them understand how to speak with a strong, clear tone for hours every day, without suffering vocal fatigue or strain.

It doesn't really matter whether your eyes are set on becoming the next American Idol®, The X-Factor® Winner, THE Voice®, land the big solo Sunday at church, get a lead role in a high school show, get a standing ovation at the karaoke bar or stop your dogs from howling when you sing in the shower! The A2Z SingSmart Music Academy™ can help you FIND YOUR VOICE!

"When you SingSMART™, Singing is Easy...
and Singing is Easy when you follow the TEN STEPS to SINGING SUCCESS™."


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