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A2Z SingSmart™ Music Academy is an easy, fun and affordable way to learn how to sing from scratch or to improve your current singing voice skills.

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Really learning and understanding the HOW and WHY of singing through traditional channels takes years. We give you what you need to know NOW; and we don't make you wait for it. If you become a registered student you get access to everything we know. Start at the beginning and learn step by step or skip around to that topic that has been bugging you for years.

Get TWO YEARS of full access for the price of one advanced singing lesson. Take your time to really learn the hows and whys of singing, practice the exercises and put them to work with productive performance practice. Scholarship part of the A2Z Smart Music Group mission: "Teaching the World to Sing." Find your voice and learn how to never lose your voice again with smart singing skills.

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Learn How to Sing from A2Z

Learning how to sing is easy when you train at A2Z. With hundreds of singing lessons to choose from and new lessons being published regularly.

Access to all the singing tips, facts and secrets that other's don't want you to know!


Vocal Exercises for Singers

Exercising your voice has never been more fun, which means you will do it more often, making it more effective..and so much smarter!

The A2Z Online Web Campus
(you are on it right now!) offers a large variety of vocal exercises, including many different contemporary routines.

Our Karaoke-style exercises even include an entertaining and effective bouncing ball that bounces on the note you are singing!

The A2Z Dynamic System includes both Classic and Contemporary Style Exercises with the ability to change the key and tempo.

Just like any other sport, you have to train the muscles through repetition to develop strength, stamina and flexibility. We make it fun and easy!


Practice Singing Real  Songs - Professional Song Tracks

Let's face it, no one really likes to do vocal exercises; singing songs is what we really want to do. We understand that fact and have provided professional practice tracks of some classic and contemporary songs for you to do just that. Our song library continues to grow so we can keep you on your toes with new material; and of course, we are open to song suggestions for new track additions! Need help on how to learn new songs? We got you covered there too.

The SongSMART™ System is easy to learn and with just a little practice you can learn new songs in a flash!


Get a Professional Singing Gig

The A2Z Online Academy and SingSMART Apprentice Program will walk you through setting up your own concert, auditioning for a local band, whatever your performance goals are...we'll provide the information, guidance and the tools. The rest is up to you!

Gold Level Registration includes video and/or submission for a SMARTcritique and personal mentored guidance on improving your vocal skills.

For those who still can't understand how performances and training like this can be done online, Coach Yvonne is a vocal mechanic expert and can HEAR what you need to do to improve and make singing easier for you simply by listening to the quality of your vocal tone...just like an expert mechanic can listen to a car and tell you what is out of balance!


Singing Lessons How

Using quality step-by-step lessons, organized and fun vocal exercises, vocal practice to song tracks, performance video critiques and more; however you choose to take advantage of our resources you will feel like you have a vocal coach in your back pocket at all times.

This system works extremely well.

How and Why?

Easy. It puts the responsibility of singing in your hands, where it should be. No mimicking, no guess work. Learn the secrets and apply them to YOUR OWN VOICE. Your physiology and vocal tone are unique to you. If you don't know the actual techniques and just mimick others, you are selling yourself short.

Coaches and teachers, in general, only have time to present small bits of information. The rest of the lesson or class time is focused on performance. Unfortunately this means that you, the singer, don't realize that you are reinforcing bad singing habits as you perform them over and over again.

Be fair. We aren't dissing teachers, we love them. Our programs were created for them first. You see, teachers can only present so much information at one time. That means without additional tools, your vocal advancement can take FOREVER. Our system will help you see improvement and FAST! If you are studying privately, tell your teacher about us and incorporate the curriculum into your current training.


Singing Lessons How

Right now. The A2Z Smart Music Academy™ is open 24/7.

Singing Lessons Online - Learn MoreCLAIM YOUR SINGING SCHOLARSHIP - Two Years Complete Access


Vocal Coach Yvonne M. DeBandi, BME, is providing this affordable opportunity for singers of all ages, around the world in the spirit of promoting performing arts education; and, even more importantly because sharing the joy of finding your voice and she considers helping singers and teachers just like you an absolute honor.

"When you SingSMART™, Singing is Easy...
and Singing is Easy when you follow the TEN STEPS to SINGING SUCCESS™"


Singing Lessons How

There are many ways to get personal training support:

  • Visit the Student Help Desk (available only to registered students) to communicate directly with Coach Yvonne, BME.

  • There are many communication forms provided during training to keep track of your progress and give you the opportunity to share your experience and ask related questions.

  • There are also options to submit audio/video for a personal SingSMART™ Critique. These evaluations are detailed and will point you towards specific lessons that will help you increase your vocal skills and FAST!

  • Students that exhibit dedication are also provided Coach's Skype Address for faster access to information and assistance they need.


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Singing Lessons Online - Learn MoreCLAIM YOUR SINGING SCHOLARSHIP - Two Years Complete Access

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