A2Z Vocal Practice Tracks are an easy and fun way to practice your vocal skills on a variety of song styles and tempos, including some of the most requested songs of all time. New songs are added every month. Have a song you want added to our list?.

Please note that A2Z Vocal Practice Tracks are provided for educational purposes only. They are not available for individual sale and not intended for students to use as professional backing tracks. No copyright infringement intended. If you need a pro track for your performances, please visit Priddis, YouTube or the Itunes Store. They have a tremendous selection and good quality tracks (including tracks without backing vocals). You might also search "Vocal Performance Tracks" or "Karaoke Tracks" in your favorite browser.

Keep in mind that you should never practice singing over another lead singer. FIND YOUR OWN VOICE. Use tracks that put you in charge, be the singer you always wanted to be!


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