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If you have already completed the Singing is Easy 2.0 Vocal Training Course and currently using that routine to exercise your voice, use this doorway through the Exercise and Fitness Center for easy and convenient access!

For best results it is important to practice vocal exercises with the intent of repeating good habit behaviors. If you are not sure what those pattern behaviors are, it would be in your best interest to return to the actual training material using the link above. Repeating these exercises while making poor choices (causing more work, more effort) only makes those actions stronger. Be smart, SingSMART. Focus on your goals when exercising your voice.

The Basic Foundations: Combination Routine

Hooked on Warmups

The Basic Foundations: Individual Exercises

Tuning the Instrument


Breathe by Number

Variation A Variation B Variation C



Variation A (Mid to Low) Variation B (Low to High) Variation C (High to Low)


Shoo Fly Shoo: Diaphragm Dance Trilogy, Part I


Variation A Variation B Variation C


Berry Nice Lips: Diaphragm Dance Trilogy, Part II


Finale: Diaphragm Dance Trilogy, Part III


Humming Downhill

High Variation Low Variation  


Skipping Along by Threes

High Variation Low Variation  


Climbing the Octave Ladder

High Variation Low Variation  


Arpeggio Action

High Variation Low Variation  


Star Spangled Banner

High Variation Medium High Variation  


Low Variation Medium Low Variation  


Congratulations! You are one step closer to becoming an elite singer and making a vocal impact; but takes daily repetition for vocal exercise to work. So, see you here again tomorrow!


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