Step 10 - Vocal Maintenance

Step 10 is all about making sure you keep the skills you have worked hard to obtain.

Just like any other sport, art or craft that requires multi-tasking, mental dexterity and physical coordination, singing requires regular intervals of action to maintain the current level of skill and ability.

What does this mean?

Easy. Exercise, practice and application. You have to continue to apply your skills to the act of singing to maintain your level of ability. If done with good technique, you will be able to sing for your entire lifetime.

A2Z Smart Music Academy tries to make this fun and easy through the use of the Exercise and Fitness Facility. You would be surprised at what fifteen minutes of exercise a day can do for you.

A2Z Online Web Campus: Exercise and Fitness Center

A2Z Virtual Campus: SingerCity Vocal Fitness Fun Park
If you are already on campus, use your A2Z Smart Phone.


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