Step 09 - Power Performance

There are many reasons to study the art and craft of singing, but the desire to create Powerful Performances is the most obvious and most common.

Step 09 is all about polishing that Vocal Fingerprint and Visual Impression. It concentrates on lifting up the Creative Artist and Signature Voice, while respecting the Vocal Machine that is working in the background. It is a yen and yang balancing game between the stability of the machine and the stylistic and emotional abandonment of the artist. The more stable the machine becomes, the more abandonment the artist can successfully achieve.

To get you started in the right direction you have to be able to use your imagination and visualize your next ultimate performance. It could be the very first time you are singing in front of people, could be you want to kick the room's karaoke contest or maybe you want to play a colleseum... the details only matter to you. Whatever your goal, do your best to picture the ultimate successful performance and include as many specifics as you can.

This is about lifting yourself up, not worrying about failure so put the nay sayer in the closet and leave them there.

Try this...if nothing could go wrong, how would that performance go? SEE IT HAPPEN. By the way, we aren't talking a momentary flash vision. For ultimate success you must visualize the entire song.

Where do you want to sing?

What will you be wearing?

What "adjectives" will people give after seeing you?

What will you look like standing on stage before the music starts? During a guitar solo? Can you see it?

Will you move or dance? Will you stand still? The whole song?

Will you play an instrument? Hold the Microphone or Use it on a Stand?

Will people believe your lyrics are sincere and be emotionally connected with you?

You get the idea. There are a lot of choices to be made, but if you can literally visualize your successful performance on stage, you can make it happen...and you can learn how to do this consistently making your performances become even more Powerful over time.

To make it easy for you to practice Song Performance and begin to find the choices that are right for you, visit the Song Practice Studio.

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