Step 06 - Tone Placement

Step 06 is all about Tone Placement, taking the "dancing frequencies" we have now created, and through physical and mental actions, guide the frequencies towards a certain part of our instrument.

To keep it really simple right now, try to understand the concept NOT how to execute the action:

(1) if we were singing a really low note in our range, we would center the note at the bottom of our chin, making sure all the space we could manipulate was large and round;

(2) to sing a high note in our range, we would focus on the sinus cavity between our eyes and nasal cavity at the bridge of our nose;

(3) to sing a really high note we might "float" our focus tothe sinus cavity at the top center of our head.

Starting to get the picture in concept? If you remember from "Things Every Singer Should Know," lower notes require larger spaces (hence the size of the tuba) and higher notes require smaller spaces (hence the size of the picollo). And the tone is further altered or enhanced by the surface quality of the resonating cavity. By exploring your vocal instrument and plotting your own personal tone placement and resonance maps (Advanced SingSMART, Not Hard™ Training Process), you gain complete control over all the nuances that make your voice so unique and special.

Why is every single voice unique?

Because every variable alters the sound that is created: from the size and shape of the vocal cords to the size and shape of the holes in your head, to how much sleep you got the night before. Beginning the manipulation of your vocal tone through Tone Placement is where the try artistry begins. This is when you stop seeing the artist make the "best with what they have"....this is when the artist commands the instrument to share the sounds in their soul and true artisty takes over.

To get you started in the right direction we are going revisit the Sirens you learned in Step 03 and get you to plot the first points on your personal Tone Placement Map.

Take Action:

Take a deep full breath, lift your diaphragm and begin the air, SIREN from your low note to high note, hitting every note in between. Pay attention to how it sounds and how it feels.

Take Action Again and Compare:

We are going to do another siren, only this time we are going to add a visualization to the process.

Imagine you have an elevator on the front of your face, starting at the tip of your chin. As you SIREN up to your top note, the elevator rises up to above you head. Keep the elevator on a straight verticle line as if it were transporting the dancing frequencies from floor to floor of your resonating cavity night club. If you are truly concentrating on the visualization, your tone will be pulled forward and become brighter and clearer in tone.

Do your best to put these into action now, but visit the available SingSMART™ Lessons and Courses to get more detailed instructions and valuable information.

Ask Yourself:

Am I specifically and masterfully steering the tone or am I guessing like a blindfolded driver?


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