Step 05 - Resonance

Resonation, bringing energy and life to your singing tone.

Step 05 (Resonation) is all about increasing the fullness and amplifying the vocal tone by increasing the amount of resonation. Remember the "dancing frequencies" from Orientation? We want them to multiply!

Advanced lessons take you through detailed explanations on increasing resonance, but to get you started in the right direction today we are going to HUM (the act of creating a vocal tone and allowing the air to escape through your nose, keeping your mouth closed).

Take a deep breath and HUM a steady pitch somewhere in your comfortable LOWER range.

If you feel a buzzing sensation, you are on the right track. The more the buzzing, the more your dancing frequencies are trying to mosh pit out of your head. If you were to open your mouth, they would spill out with energy.(of course, we would want to release them in an energetic focused stream to get the clearest tone!).

I don't feel any buzzing, what do I do?

Hopefully one of the following ideas will lead you to the buzzing sensation, but don't get overwhelmed by the list below. Look at them one at a time. The worst thing you can do is to become tense over frustration. You have a lot more control than you think and tension will defnitely NOT help you hum better.

The first thing to do is to review the step concepts you have learned so far in this mini-lesson series.

(1) Mind, Body and Spirit - is there any physical tension, emotional stress or mental distraction stealing energy from your voice? Relax. Check the relaxation of your face and jaw muscles. Tension there can make a big difference. Relax.

(2) Airflow and Breathing - Don't get overwhelmed. Just look at each question, one at a time!
(a)Are you taking in as much air as you can? Challenge yourself to try to double the amount.
(b)Is your diaphragm moving in the right direction?
(c)Is your airflow release steady and consistent?

(3) The note you are humming, does it feel like it was plucked from the "library" of notes you established in your natural pathway Siren? Not sure? Siren to it and then alter ONLY what is required to change your "He" or "Ha" into a hum.

(4) Is your diaphragm lifted, constantly creating support for the airflow, energetically guiding the focused release?

(5) Experiment with the size and shape of your resonating cavities. The most obvious one would be the mouth. You can easily change how tall or wide, or how round, how the lips shape the egress, etc.

(6) Try smiling and raising your eyebrows. These actions sometimes help access cavities so don't be afraid to experiment with all kinds of funny faces when you start to HUM. Might as well have fun while you are doing it, right? Seriously, you would be amazed at some of the interesting things you discover when you are just joking around taking an experiment as far as you can take it.

If you continue to be challenged by humming, think about meditation. Take deep breaths, close your eyes and let the sound simply float out of you. As you take deeper breaths and become more relaxed, you are likely to begin feeling the buzzing sensation. Remember, the bigger the buzz, the more life your tone will have.

Ask Yourself:

Are you breathing life into your vocal tone or is it just existing?


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