Now that the diaphragm is moving in the right direction for maximum breath support (Lesson 0201) and we have learned how to draw air efficiently into our vocal power source (Lesson 0202), let's focus on how to use that air/energy reservoir wisely.



  • Understand the concept of continuous and direct airflow release;
  • Identify current basic exhalation skills; and
  • Make improvements to current exhalation skills.

Ask Yourself: Am I guiding my EXHALATION like a focused airflow river,
or is it just escaping like dandelions in the wind?



Sometimes it is the simple things that remain the biggest secrets in singing. It's a well known fact that breathing skills are required to sing well, but you never hear much about the DELIVERY of the air, only how to achieve the actual diaphragm movement.

SMART singers know that airflow has a CONSTANT (stability), along with variables (quantity, quality and speed).

That means that as a CONSTANT, the air is always flowing. The variables include things you can change about your delivery of the air, the quantity, quality and speed. Understanding how loss of the constant or manipulation of the variables changes your singing tone and/or pitch, can help you achieve the sound you desire.

If you are just getting started with singing, concentrate on the concept that the constant and variables exist and are all within your control, instead of the actual execution. You will be given plenty of opportunities to practice these ideas throughout the remaining STEPS of the course. Review the boxes below to get started:


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