Step 03 - Tone Creation, Pure and Natural Tone

The purpose of Step 03 is to find the pure and natural pathway of your instrument. Every instrument has one, including the voice.

Pure Tone = the best possible tone created with the least amount of effort.

When effort is used a degradation of tone occurs.

Natural Volume = a comfortable natural volume that is not pushed, or withheld. This volume will fall somewhere in your natural speaking volume range.

When the volume is too much or too little, a degradation of tone occurs.

Think about other instruments. If a flute was bent or the holes weren't aligned, the player would have more difficulty. If a trombone slide was crooked, the instrument pathway would be changed and the resulting sound would be different. Taking it a step further, what if a guitar neck was crooked and the strings were far from the neck line? Would the player be able to easily and effortlessly create every note that instrument was capable of creating? Probably not. The same is true for the vocalist.

In advanced lessons you will learn the details within your control to keep your instrument in aligned balance. To get you started in the right direction today we suggest doing a Vocal Siren.

In simple terms, you mimick a siren...have fun with it!

In more technical terms you begin on your lowest comfortable note and glissando or slide (singing every note in between) to your highest comfortable note and back down again in one breath. Stick with one of these syllables: "Hee, Heh, Hah, Hoh, Hoo" whichever seems the easiest for you right now.

It may seem like a silly exercise, but it is really quite valuable. In reality you are singing every note in your singing library. By finding the PURE AND NATURAL PATHWAY for your note library, you are on your way to singing any song you want, in any style!

As you are doing Sirens, do your best to keep the tone as pure and clear as possible, not airy in tone. If you can trick your neighbor into thinking a police car is coming down the street, you are doing a great job! If you are keeping the tone pure and clear, the sound will travel easily. Don't worry if it sounds really bright in tone, that is part of the process. However...if you feel it sounds like you are singing through your nose: take bigger breaths and open your mouth taller and rounder.

Sirens set you up for long-term success. Use them as a tool, not a test. Use them to see where you can strengthen the tone creation process throughout your range. Learn more in advanced lessons.

Finding cracks and breaks?

Do your best to sing through them and past them. To do so make sure:

(1) You are not pushing from the throat but lifting from the diaphragm;

(2) Your chin is level or slightly lowered and not reaching for the sky;

(3) Think of floating or being lifted gingerly above your head instead of trying to push it up there.

(4) Make sure you are working with a natural volume.

(5) Step 01: Focus and Balance your Mind, Body and Spirit

(6) Step 02: Check your breathing to make sure you are incorporating the lower/lift concept you learned in the previous step mini-lesson.

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0301 Best Tone for Least Effort

This module is currently under construction - but feel free to check it out. The music and vocal samples have not yet been added but there is a lot of great information you won't want to miss!



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